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Dawn Collins, JD


Attorney At Law 5655 Naples Canal

Long Beach



United States

MS COLLINS is an attorney specializing in medical malpractice in Long Beach, California. She welcomes feedback on this column via e-mail. Click on the envelope icon to email.


Oxytocin suspect in cases with poor outcomes

July 11, 2018

Oxytocin is one of the most frequently used drugs during labor but it can also become a major issue in a malpractice case filed after a labor and delivery if there is an adverse outcome. PLUS: Carolyn Zelop, MD, provides commentary on a lawsuit involving a patient death during pregnancy due to cardiomyopathy.

Legally Speaking: Uterine rupture

June 19, 2018

A patient filed a lawsuit on behalf of her child alleging negligence by her obstetrician in delaying the delivery when she was in the hospital contracting and had severe abdominal pain. Thus, her uterus was allowed to rupture, which caused the child’s severe brain injury. Plus more malpractice cases.

Shoulder dystocia and brachial plexus injury

May 10, 2018

In 2012, a Virginia woman began receiving prenatal care for her seventh pregnancy, during which she was diagnosed with Type II diabetes and obesity. During the delivery, shoulder dystocia was encountered. The baby's right arm was noted to be limp and she was diagnosed with a brachial plexus injury. The woman sued those involved with the delivery, claiming that during the course of her care, the history, physical examinations, and tests showed she had an increased risk for encountering shoulder dystocia during a vaginal delivery.

Hemorrhage results in cesarean hysterectomy

March 13, 2018

Allegations in this case include extended use of oxytocin and allowing labor to continue too long.

Failure to timely diagnose complete placental abruption

September 01, 2012

Looking at the legal issues surrounding placental abruption, amniocentesis, cerebral palsy, bowel perforation, incontinence, and necrotizing fasciitis.

Error in acid solution leads to burning and scarring

July 01, 2012

A review of several lawsuits covering acid solution errors, prolapse, fetal weight, breast cancer diagnosis, and complications following fibroid embolization.