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Dawn Collins, JD


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United States


Maternal death from intracranial hemorrhage

January 10, 2018

Did her family physician meet the standard-of-care?

Brain injury allegedly caused by forceps

September 01, 2017

When the head of a Kansas woman's baby did not descend easily, the nurse-midwife managing the labor sought an obstetrician’s intervention. The obstetrician used forceps to assist the delivery. The parents sued the obstetrician after the delivery alleging the infant suffered a skull fracture, lacerated ear, bruising around his scalp, and bleeding in the brain as a result of the forceps. What's the verdict? Plus more cases.

Detecting abnormalities, documenting options

July 01, 2017

A California woman was 35-years-old when she delivered an infant with severe Down's syndrome and then sued all those involved with the prenatal care and alleged that both physicians were told the parents wanted all available testing because of a family history of birth defects. What's the verdict? Plus more cases.

Legally Speaking: Claim of failure to test for cystic fibrosis

June 12, 2016

This case emphasizes the importance of keeping detailed records of each patient encounter.