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Deborah J. Wage, MSN, FNP, CNM



Midwifery Musings

October 27, 2011

October 4 –10 was National Nurse Midwifery Week in the United States. To honor midwives all across our country and the world I have compiled a list of web sites that will educate and inspire us all. It is my wish that all who stop here take the time to visit each and every site through the month of October and reflect upon the stories and wisdom contained therein. See you next month!!

Simone Valk Interview

October 27, 2011

This month I had the pleasure of interviewing Simone Valk, a midwife practicing in Rotterdam, Holland. Simone graciously gave of her time to share a bit about herself, the training of midwives in Holland and the general nature of maternity care in Holland. The differences between our systems of healthcare is quite evident, but I found the differences in philosophy most impressive, and sobering.

Random Act of Kindness

October 27, 2011

As a midwife, I am often privileged to witness displays of human emotion that seem to occur exclusively within the context of birth. There are few other transitions of life that elicit the sort of emotion, be it positive or negative, that childbirth does. At every birth I attend there is always a memorable moment, often subtle and intimate, little insights into human nature that I tuck away in my subconscious.