Author | Deborah Ottenheimer, MD


Diversification Key to Avoiding Professional Boredom

January 08, 2015


In this blog, one OB/GYN details how she pulled herself out of a professional rut and became re-inspired after 20 years of clinical practice.

The Price of Private Practice

November 13, 2014


In this blog, one OB/GYN discusses her move from a hospital staff physician to a solo private practice, a decision that hasn't come without costs.

Corporations Have Religion Now?

July 08, 2014


The Supreme Court justices insist that their decision for Hobby Lobby is limited and narrow in scope. Find out why gynecologist Deborah Ottenheimer, MD, doesn't buy it.

Rape on Campus: How Ob/Gyns Can Help Survivors

May 16, 2014


Sexual violence on college campuses may be more prevalent than you think. Are you asking patients the right questions about their sexual health?