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Joe Leigh Simpson, MD

Professor And Chairman Department Of Obstetrics And Gynecology Baylor College Of Medicine 6550 Fannin Suite 901




United States

DR. SIMPSON is Executive Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, and Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology and Human and Molecular Genetics, Florida International University College of Medicine, Miami, FL. He is Past President of the Society for Gynecologic


HBOC and Lynch syndrome testing: All in a day’s work

June 21, 2018

Ob/gyns have a responsibility and can no longer be passive in this genomic era.

DTC genetic testing: What do you tell patients?

October 01, 2009

Patients are going to have direct-to-consumer genetic tests done, regardless of our position on the subject. At the very least, we can offer them sound advice on the matter.

Preimplantation genetic diagnosis: Which patients to test and other controversies

September 01, 2009

Among the clinical issues to consider: Should PGD aneuploidy testing be offered to women of advanced maternal age?

Sign Out: Prenatal screening isn't perfect

February 01, 2007

We need to remember that screening is screening; it's great, but not perfect.

Highlights of the XVIII FIGO World Congress (XML)

December 01, 2006

Conference Highlights

Making sense of the CF screening guidelines

October 01, 2004

The latest official guidelines on cystic fibrosis screening have some clinicians bewildered--and others looking for an easy way to put them to good use. A top expert in the field provides practical advice on how to individualize the recommendations.