Author | Joelle Klein


High Dairy Intake Improves Reproductive Outcomes

November 01, 2014


Women with high dairy diets have higher live birth rates after IVF; maternal diets high in butterfat can ameliorate effects of BPA exposure on embryos in rats.

Novel IVF Technology: Safe and Effective, May Cut Costs

October 30, 2014


The use of an intravaginal incubation device in IVF is found to be a safe and effective alternative to lab incubation of embryos, and it may reduce costs.

Trying to Conceive Can Stress Men Out

October 27, 2014


New research: it’s common for the male partner in infertile couples to experience stress and sexual dysfunction during their partner’s fertile period.

Olaparib Tablet Safe in Relapsed Ovarian Cancer Patients

October 09, 2014


The tablet form of olaparib, given with chemotherapy, is promising in pretreated ovarian cancer patients with BRCA mutations, an investigational study finds.