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Joseph R. Feste, MD




Chronic Pelvic Pain: Which Approach? Surgical Versus Medical

October 24, 2011

Chronic pelvic pain is generally used to describe a condition of pelvic discomfort not solely associated with menstruation, of more than 6 month's duration, and of a severity sufficient to cause disability in some form.

The Use Of Microendoscopy For Diagnostic And Therapeutic Office Laparoscopy Under Local Anesthesia

June 30, 2011

Since the first laparoscopy was performed in humans by Jacobaeus in 1910, great strides have been made by surgeons in utilizing this valuable tool.1 Unfortunately, the expense of performing even diagnostic laparoscopy has become prohibitive. With the high cost of medical care, measures must be taken to decrease this monumental problem. For years, laparoscopy has been performed under local anesthesia with minimal reported complications.

Laparoscopic Retropubic Colposuspension The Burch Procedure

June 30, 2011

Reported in the literature are more than 100 different kinds of surgical treatments for stress urinary incontinence in women, including anterior colporrhaphy (Kelly plication), retropubic urethropexy (Marshall-Marchetti-Krantz procedure, Burch procedure, ), paravaginal suspension, various kinds of needle urethropexy, and suburethral sling procedure.

Endometrial Ablation Rectoscope/Myomectomy Techniques and Complications

June 30, 2011

It has been reported that approximately 670,000 hysterectomies are performed each year in the United States. Close to one third (more than 200,000) of these operations are done because of intractable menorrhagia not responsive to medical therapy or to dilation and curettage. The Nd:YAG laser was first used by Goldrath and colleagues showing that this laser can photocoagulate the endometrium and the menstrual flow reduced to little or none.