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Joseph A. Worrall, MD, RDMS




Update on Retropubic Incontinence Surgery

July 28, 2011

A 27-year study of 1300 women undergoing retropubic cystourethropexy using either the modified Marshall-Marchetti-Krantz procedure or the modified Pereyra procedure compares long-term results when the type of surgery is selected on the basis of patient criteria.

Don’t Ever Give Up!

July 15, 2011

This is a 21 year old G3 P1 SAB2 (both at about 12 weeks, each with a D&C) who was sent to me for an ultrasound because she was bleeding. The LMP was unknown, and the pregnancy test had been positive several days before. She is Rh negative. She had a LEEP in 1994 for CIN 1 of the cervix.

Stuck Twin

July 15, 2011

The stuck twin is part of the twin-twin transfusion syndrome. The easiest-to-understand explanation is that within the single placenta of a monochorionic twin pair, there are arteriorvenous communications between the circulation’s of the twins.

Nuchal Translucency: What is it and where does it fit in Prenatal Sonography

July 05, 2011

Nuchal translucency is the swelling just under the skin at the back of the fetal neck. It is important because if the fetus has a greater-than-normal amount of swelling at the back of the neck, there is a high likelihood that the baby will have Down Syndrome or a major heart problem or both.