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Linda Marie Wetzel


Comparing policies on drug and alcohol use by pregnant women

September 12, 2018

State policies targeting drug and alcohol use during pregnancy have increased in number and have become more punitive, but findings show that these policies may not encourage women to seek the needed care.

Maternal death in rural America

August 17, 2018

Women who give birth in rural areas face unique challenges because of geography but state-based data collection hampers efforts to understand and address the factors that place them at particular risk for morbidity and mortality.

Podcast: Discussing the ARRIVE trial results

August 15, 2018

Dr. Charles J. Lockwood sits down with Linda Marie Wetzel, Executive Editor for Contemporary OB/GYN, to discuss the results of the ARRIVE study and what these findings mean for ob/gyns and their patients.

Does gabapentin work for vulvodynia?

June 14, 2018

Although gabapentin is recommended and commonly prescribed for vulvodynia, its value in such cases is usually associated with complaints that have neuropathic components, such as dynamic allodynia.

Maternal mortality statistics

January 11, 2018

Data collection methods are improving but still a challenge.