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Tonja M. Brossette



Breast Milk = Brainy Babies?

November 03, 2011

Nearly everyone agrees that breast milk is unmatched as the optimum source of nutrition for infants. Human milk not only provides the perfect balance of vitamins, minerals, protein, carbohydrates and fat, it also contains valuable antibodies from the mother that have been proven helpful in preventing infection in infants.

The Birth Of A Mother

November 01, 2011

When I dreamed of forging into womanhood as a child, my ideals invariably encompassed three primary events: Fall in love. Get married. Have children. Immediately after the birth of my son in 1995, I quickly learned that parenthood was about more than baby showers, tiny layettes, charming little baby clothes, a few sleepless nights, and proud morning strolls around the neighborhood with a perfect little baby in tow.