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W. Lee Bourland, Jr, MD



Twenty Questions to ask about your Surgeon

August 03, 2011

How to know if you're getting good advice about Breast Disease and Breast Cancer

10 FAQs About Sentinel node Biopsy for Breast Cancer

August 03, 2011

During the past eighteen years in my medical practice, I’ve had a direct impact (I hope a positive impact) on breast cancer treatment for over a thousand women confronting this diagnosis. During this time span the DECISION MAKING process has become increasingly complex.

Combining Radiation and Surgery for the Successful Treatment of Breast Cancer

August 03, 2011

I saw a long time patient yesterday in the office. Gloria drops in once a year for a checkup. She brought me a funny birthday card and we teased each other about the effects of gravity and aging. During her exam she detailed for me how much fun she and her husband Francis are having running a small entrepreneurial business (home remodeling).