Courtney Marabella


Niraparib Demonstrates PFS Benefit in Chinese Population With Advanced Ovarian Cancer

First-line maintenance treatment with the PARP inhibitor niraparib yielded a clinically meaningful and statistically significant improvement in progression-free survival vs placebo in Chinese patients with platinum-responsive advanced ovarian cancer, regardless of biomarker status, according to data from the phase 3 PRIME trial.

Tiffany Avery, MD


Treatment validation platforms can reduce care variations and promote health equity

Emerging technology helps ensure best practices while reducing costs of care.

S. Diane Yamada, MD


Clues to the origins of ovarian cancer

Family history assessment, genetic screening are key to prevention.

Deborah A. Koehn, MD


Statin use in midlife women

Risk assessment, lifestyle counseling, adverse effects, and medication management.

Michael S. Jellinek, MD


Helping parents cope with adolescent behavior

A teenager’s day-to-day behavior can vary greatly. Here are some tips for understanding and navigating this challenging time.

Anne-Marie Amies Oelschlager, MD


Uterine anomalies in pregnancy

Clinical pearls for assessment and management of the pregnant patient with a uterovaginal anomaly.

Mike Hennessy Jr, President & CEO


Kudos to WHO

In honor of World Health Day on April 7, our President and CEO, Mike Hennessy Jr, reflects on the founding of the World Health Organization in his monthly publisher's note.

Caitlin Delaney, MD


Addressing burnout before impacting your family

Today is Physician Family Day, the perfect time to reflect and address any potential burnout symptoms and spend quality time re-engaging with your loved ones.

David Kimball, MD


Demystifying AVMs

Risk assessment and management of brain arteriovenous malformations in pregnancy.

Aislinn Antrim


Pembrolizumab plus lenvatinib show promise in advanced endometrial carcinoma

New trial results showed statistically significant improvements in overall survival and progression-free survival.

Joe Nadglowski


COVID-19 delays cancer screenings, deaths expected to rise in next 10 years

Cancer programs seek to remove barriers to screenings.

Harold Bays, MD


Contraception: Hopes for the Future

Kate White, MD, MPH, and Harold Bays, MD, discuss their hopes for the future of contraception options, affordability, and clinical trials evaluating their efficacy.

Richard Payerchin


Patients want physicians to answer quickly when calling at ‘the digital front door’

Survey examines yearly evolution of patient, doctor feelings on access to care.

William Davies, PhD


An update on the presentation, nosology, and causes of postpartum psychosis

Postpartum psychosis is experienced by 1 to 2 women every 1000 deliveries.

Shabnam Gupta, MD


Radiofrequency ablation for fibroids

Understanding the technology behind a newer uterus-sparing option for the management of uterine fibroids.

Ayman Al-Hendy, MD, PhD


The Management of Chronic Gynecologic Conditions During COVID and Beyond

Experts discuss management of women’s health including chronic pelvic pain resulting from endometriosis and heavy menstrual bleeding from uterine fibroids. They also discuss ways to help improve patient-provider communications and overcome the normalization associated with non-malignant gynecological conditions.

Chelsea Chase, MS4


Choosing the right pill

Oral contraceptive pills are a popular choice for many; providers should understand the options to guide patients effectively.

Brian Iriye, MD


Payment models put the value in value-based care

In this month's Practice Matters column, James D. Keller, MD, MHSA; and Brian K. Iriye, MD, explore the world of value-based care and how it can benefit your practice.

Colleen Moretti


Frequent use of neoadjuvant chemotherapy may further benefit patients with advanced ovarian cancer

Treatment programs that often use neoadjuvant chemotherapy as a strategy may help prolong survival in patients with advanced ovarian cancer compared with those that infrequently used the tactic, which may reassure patients and providers.

Gaby Moawad, MD, F.A.C.O.G.


Surgeons Panel Discussion

Three esteemed surgeons discuss technology, weighing the pros and cons of existing and newly developed platforms.

Allison August, MD


Historical Difficulty in Safely and Effectively Preventing CMV

Experts discuss the trajectory of CMV awareness and vaccine development efforts.

Zoe Wainer, MBBS, PhD


Mind-body resilience for women: A focus on depression

Here’s why we should be paying special attention to women’s depression treatment.

David B. Nelson, MD


How can we prevent pregnancy-related deaths?

Interventions before and after birth can reduce the rising maternal mortality ratio.

Christopher M. Zahn, MD


Designing your patient’s prenatal care “PATH”

Recommendations for maternity care professionals based on MiPATH.

Connor Iapoce


Obesity prevalence in United States linked to significant increase over 4 decades

From 1976 to 2018, data show the prevalence of obesity in the United States increased from 6.2% to 32.7%.

Halley Crissman, MD, MPH


How health care systems and providers can address cisnormativity

Halley Crissman, MD, MPH, shares her insight on the ways in which hospital systems reinforce cisnormativity and focal points to address for a more welcoming environment.

Michael Blackman, MD


Financial success and patient satisfaction: Are they related?

When considering the “health” of a medical practice, much of the focus is on financial indicators: missing collections at the time of service, recurring denials, poor claims management and aging patient balances. However, another area needs attention but is often overlooked: patient satisfaction.

Elaine Duryea, MD


Protocol 11: Maternal Anemia

The protocol presented here provides an algorithm for the initial evaluation of anemia in pregnancy, with treatment algorithms for the most common causes in pregnancy.

Christine Blank


Pharmacies limiting Plan B purchases after Roe v. Wade reversal

The American Medical Association is urging the FDA to approve OTC access to oral contraceptives.

Audrey K. Rutherford, MD


Essentials of vulvovaginal dermatology

Correct terms and education can help normalize the conversation for patients.

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