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Vol 66 No 8

August 2021

This month's issue features an in-depth analysis of alcohol consumption while breastfeeding. Plus, shared decision-making, the effectiveness of online contraception platforms.

New "Practice Management" column to debut in October

August 06, 2021

Practice management is an essential part of any practice. Our new column will explore essential topics including billing, coding, contract negotiation, telehealth management, financial wellness, and more.

Looking back on a disturbing case of health care fraud

August 05, 2021

In last month’s Legally Speaking, we published “Health care fraud exposed” by James M. Shwayder, MD, JD. It is disturbing in its details but exposes fraud and medical malpractice that went on for years. The ob-gyn at the center of it, Javaid Perwaiz, was recently sentenced to 59 years in prison.

Breastfeeding and alcohol: Do they mix?

August 05, 2021

Even with these recommendations, women commonly ask questions about alcohol consumption and breastfeeding such as “Should I pump and dump if I have a glass of wine?” and “Do I just wait until it has passed through my system?” This month, experts Susan Crowe, MD, and Tricia Wright, MD, MS, provide the needed insight—with as much data as are available on this topic.

Predicting the age at natural menopause

June 17, 2021

Besides sex hormone levels, predictors for the age at natural menopause (ANM) include irregularity of menstrual cycle, menopausal symptoms, life habits and socioeconomic factors, according to a retrospective study of 105 middle-aged women who kept bleeding diaries.