Author | Catherine Y. Spong, MD


Addressing inequalities in women's health research

August 04, 2020


In this month's issue, Contemporary OB/GYN Editor-in-Chief Dr. Catherine Y. Spong talks about the ways in which women's health research has and continues to be marginalized. Addressing these inequalities, Dr. Spong says, demands a change of culture led by committed and accountable leadership.

A Collision of Crises

July 01, 2020


As a pandemic and protests converge, there is a need to recognize long-term effects.

Paucity of evidence limits known impact of CSPs

June 12, 2020


As we are now incorporating the new post-COVID-19 “normal” into our routines, our editor-in-chief, Dr. Catherine Spong, reflects on parallels with changes that went into play with the identification and management of patients with HIV.

Lessons from COVID-19 are key to moving forward

May 19, 2020


Editor-in-Chief Catherine Y. Spong, MD, gives her perspective on what ob/gyns can learn from the pandemic as the specialty is business as usual in an otherwise stark hospital.