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Augmented Reality: Perfecting and Preserving Surgical Skills

Maestro AR, an advanced, procedure-specific training software, gives users of the da Vinci robotic surgical system instant feedback in a 3D environment.

An advanced, procedure-specific training software for physicians who perform robotic surgeries has been developed by Mimic Technologies. This new augmented reality software, Maestro AR, is to be used with the dV-Trainer and gives surgeons the look and feel of being in an actual surgery. This software is suitable for surgeons in training who want to master their skills or for those with a lower surgical volume who want to preserve their skills. This preview of the software features a partial nephrectomy and uses actual surgical footage from Inderbir Gill, MD, Chairman, Department of Urology, Founding Executive Director of the USC Institute of Urology and Associate Dean for Clinical Innovation. According to Mimic Technologies, augmented reality training software for hysterectomy will be introduced this fall.

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