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Nursing Moms Not Getting Enough Fatty Acids

April 04, 2015


Pregnant and postpartum women aren't getting enough omega-3 fatty acids, putting the development of their babies' nervous and immune systems at risk.

Analysis Offers Guidance on Breast Milk Expression

March 28, 2015


There are several techniques new mothers can use to express breast milk more comfortably while yielding higher output, a meta-analysis finds.

Should Hospital Cafeteria Food Be Healthier?

March 26, 2015


POLL: How healthy should hospital food be? Should junk food not be offered at all, removing any temptation, or should people make better choices?

Does Body Fat, Other Factors Cause Incontinence?

March 25, 2015


New research identifies 3 factors that may play a role in menopause-related storage lower urinary tract symptoms, or incontinence.