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Most of Top Jobs of 2015 Are in Health Care

A new report shows that 7 of the top 10 jobs for 2015 are in health care. And physician tops the list of best-paying jobs. Is your job in the top 10?

If you've chosen a career in health care, you've made a good choice. U.S. News & World Report just released their report on the Best Jobs of 2015. Among the top 10 jobs overall, seven of them are in the health care field, with dentist holding the top spot.

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1. Dentist

2. Nurse practioner

3. Software developer

4. Physician

5. Dental hygienist

6. Physical therapist

7. Computer systems analyst

8. Information security analyst

9. Registered nurse

10. Physician assistant

Among the top-paying jobs, physician is ranked first. The average annual salary of physicians is reported to be $188,440. Dentists came in second, earning an average of $164,570 annually. In addition, the average salaries of a nurse practitioner and physician assistant were ranked 13 and 14, respectively, both with average salaries in the low to mid $90k-range.

Of the 10 best health care jobs, the 7 health care jobs in the above list hold the top 7 spots, with diagnostic medical sonographer, occupational therapist, and occupational therapy assistant rounding out the list.


Source: http://www.usnews.com/info/blogs/press-room/2015/01/13/us-news-announces-best-jobs-of-2015