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August issue roundup: Vol 65 No 08

Contemporary OB/GYN Journal, Vol 65 No 08, Volume 64, Issue 08

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Using Your Platform for Racial Justice & Health Equity, By Washington Clark Hill, MD, FACOG

“In the past 55 years since I became a physician, progress has been made but we still have so much more to do and a long way to go.”

Watch the exclusive video interview with Dr. Hill


Overcoming Racism & Unconscious Bias, By Vanessa L. Rogers, MD, & Shawna D. Nesbitt, MD, MS

Drs. Rogers and Nesbitt discuss what obstetricians and gynecologists can do to reduce racism and unconscious bias in their practice.

Plus: Equality versus Equity: What’s the difference?


Gynecologic care considerations for transmasculine people, By Halley Crissman, MD, MPH, and Daphna Stroumsa, MD, MPH, MSC

Transgender and non-binary people face discrimination and stigma, along with other barriers, in accessing health care.

Plus: Terminology for ob/gyns to use when treating transgender patients


Related: Addressing inequalities in women’s health research

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