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Photo Gallery

ACLS Class on Ebeye. The author (far right) and his colleagues from Kwajalein taught ACLS to the physicians and nurses on Ebeye, a nearby island. May 2010

Author and his daughter during her visit to Kwajalein, December 2009

Author at the geographic south pole with the Amundsen-Scott New South Pole Station in the background, Jan 2009

Author relaxes between patient visits on the island of Roi-Namur (Marshall Islands) 2010

The Pegasus White Ice Runway is used for intercontinental flights at McMurdo Station, Antarctica. Nov 2008

Author relaxes on Roi-Namur. 2010

Author attends Snow Survival School in Antarctica. 2008

Sunset on Kwajalein as seen from author's backyard. Aug 2009

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