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Don Shuwarger, MD, MBA, FACOG


Folic Acid Supplementation

November 02, 2011

Sometimes it seems that the best science results come from keen observation rather than factual knowledge or experimentation. You remember the story of Jenner, don't you? He observed that milkmaids who contracted cowpox seemed not to become infected with smallpox.

Off the Beaten Path

April 11, 2011

After practicing medicine in Antarctica and the western Pacific, it was time to come back to the US. Where would I practice? What size practice should I look for? What quality-of-life factors should I consider?

Off the Beaten Path Photo Gallery

April 11, 2011

Photo Gallery

Ultrasound in a Small Rural Ob/Gyn Private Practice

September 15, 2006

OBGYN.net Conference CoverageFrom American Institute of Ultrasound in MedicineSan Antonio, Texas - March, 1999

Practical Application of 3D Ultrasound

September 14, 2006

OBGYN.net Conference CoverageFrom 45th Annual Conference of the AIUM - Orlando, FL 2001