Celebrating Laura E. Riley, MD

Contemporary OB/GYN JournalVol 67 No 3
Volume 67
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Among other things, March is Women’s History Month, giving us an opportunity to acknowledge and appreciate the contributions women have made to society at large while enhancing their own lives.

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One such influential woman Contemporary OB/GYN® would like to thank and celebrate is Editorial Advisory Board member Laura Riley, MD, who was recently awarded the Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine’s (SMFM) Lifetime Achievement Award at SMFM’s 42nd Annual Pregnancy Meeting held January 31 to February 5, 2022. This award was created to recognize physicians who have made significant contributions to the field of maternal-fetal medicine.

Laura Riley, MD

Laura Riley, MD

Related: Watch a recent interview with Riley on our 24-hour medical news platform, Medical World News®, where she discussed what it’s like being a board member as well as a member of a COVID-19 Task Force.

We asked Riley’s fellow board members about the significance of this award and the impact Riley’s work has had on this field. Here’s what some of them had to say:

“Laura has been an important and influential leader, expert, mentor, and researcher in maternal-fetal medicine and [obstetrics-gynecology] her entire life,” said Christian Pettker, MD. “Her lifetime experience and achievement, and her stature and credibility were critical to disseminate accurate information, mobilize better resources and attention, and correct the major gaps and disenfranchisement affecting pregnant people affected and at risk for COVID-19. It is clear that, although this is a lifetime achievement award, her work is nowhere near complete.”

Sarah Kilpatrick, MD, added, “Dr Riley is a fantastic choice for the SMFM Lifetime Achievement Award. She has contributed across our field and within SMFM from mentor to presenter to organizer to leader.”

Again, we thank Riley for all her contributions to both maternal-fetal medicine and Contemporary OB/GYN®.


Mike Hennessy Jr

President and CEO, MJH Life Sciences®

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