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Gynecologic care considerations for transgender and nonbinary patients

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Contemporary OB/GYN Senior Editor Angie DeRosa sat down with Halley Crissman, MD, MPH, and Daphna Stroumsa, MD, MPH, MSC, to discuss gynecologic care considerations for transmasculine people.

In this video interview, Senior Editor Angie DeRosa interviews Halley Crissman, MD, MPH, and Daphna Stroumsa, MD, MPH, MSC, as a follow up to their article, “Gynecologic Care Considerations for Transmasculine People,” which appears in the August print issue of Contemporary OB/GYN. Both doctors are practicing ob/gyns at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.

During the video, the speakers reference videos and training modules offered through the University of Michigan. The first link is for training for front line staff via a video series on caring for transgender/gender nonconforming patients and visitors.

This second link will take you to video modules for training ob/gyns in the care of transgender and gender nonconforming patients.

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