Author | Angie DeRosa


Roche prenatal app

September 08, 2020

Pregnant patients learning to navigate the world of genetic health now have access to an app that helps to explain chromosomes, conditions that prenatal screening can identify, and available testing options such as non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT).

Aleha Aziz, MD, MPH: The fellow on the frontlines of COVID-19

August 31, 2020

Senior Editor Angie DeRosa interviews Aleha Aziz, MD, an ob/gyn at Columbia University’s Irving Medical Center in New York. Dr. Aziz was one of many fellows involved with caring for patients during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic in New York City earlier this year.

Heads down, masks up: Inspiration during a global pandemic

August 31, 2020

“We came together in a way that would’ve been unimaginable prior to the pandemic,” Dr. Aziz says.

Panel discussion: Impacts of climate change on women's health

August 28, 2020

Senior Editor Angie DeRosa sat down Drs. Bekkar, DeNicola, Pandipati and Abel to discuss findings from a recent study on the association with air pollution and heat exposure with adverse obstetrical outcomes, such as preterm birth and stillbirth.