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OBGYN.net Conference CoverageFrom the ESHRE 2001 Conference - Lausanne, Switzerland

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Dr. Hans van der Slikke: "Good morning, it's July 3, 2001 and we're at ESHRE in Lausanne. Next to me is Jorgen Persson who is the Product Manager of Ferring. Good morning, Jorgen."

Jorgen Persson: "Good morning."

Dr. Hans van der Slikke: "I want to talk with you about ESHRE as it is now and especially about the symposium that Ferring had. Can you tell us what the headlines of this symposium were?"

Jorgen Persson: "Yes, the headlines from the symposium were that we wanted to show the role of LH and the importance to include LH into treatment of any ovulation induction, IVF, and ART. We had some new data coming up from a recent largest study comparing highly purified HMG Menopur® and Gonal-F®."

Dr. Hans van der Slikke: "Is this the German study?"

Jorgen Persson: "This is a multinational study so there was some sent to us from Germany as well the Netherlands, the UK, Israel, and some other markets as well."

Dr. Hans van der Slikke: "How many cycles were there?"

Jorgen Persson: "There were 727 cycles so it's the largest study so far."

Dr. Hans van der Slikke: "What are the results of this study?"

Jorgen Persson: "The results showed that Menopur® is at least as effective as Gonal-F® in the treatment of IVF and ICSI patients."

Dr. Hans van der Slikke: "What about side effects?"

Jorgen Persson: "The side effects are comparable so you get the same treatment, and you could see a trend in the study but this should be published further on in journals."

Dr. Hans van der Slikke: "We can refer to the interview that we also have with the presenter of this study. Were there other papers that you presented in your symposium?"

Jorgen Persson: "Yes, we had a very nice presentation from Dr. Lucas Klentzeris from the UK. He showed his results with Doppler examination of the women in the development of their oocytes or follicles, I should say, and that was interesting results."

Dr. Hans van der Slikke: "This was the Doppler flow. Why did you put this in your Ferring symposium?"

Jorgen Persson: "I think it is innovation; it's a new technology that we started to use. Lots of physicians were very interested to see the results and the experience he has from this kind of examination. He also showed very nice data of the difference in patients in the blood flow in the ovarium if they were treated with either highly purified HMG or if they were treated with recombinant FSH."

Dr. Hans van der Slikke: "Indeed, he had beautiful pictures and slides with nice colors. Were there any others special topics within your symposium?"

Jorgen Persson: "Then we introduced at the symposium a nice presentation from Zeleznik where he showed us the two-cell theory and the importance of LH in the treatment."

Dr. Hans van der Slikke: "I think this was a very interesting paper as well. So indeed, this was a very interesting symposium you presented. Thank you very much, and I must congratulate you on your symposium."

Jorgen Persson: "Thank you very much."

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