Global Medical Library Conference CoverageFrom American Association of Gynecological LaparoscopistsOrlando, Florida, November 2000




Mary Zo Phillips, translated by Sam Liu, MD, PhD, Editorial Advisor


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Mary Zo Phillips:  “I’m Mary Phillips with Medical Books for China International.  My husband is Jordan M. Phillips who founded the AAGL and also Medical Books, and we are attending the AAGL’s 29th meeting here in Orlando, Florida.  I have sitting with me, Dr. Sam Liu, from the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio.  He will do some translation for a new meeting that will be on Global Medical Library Science held at the Tianjin Medical University in Tianjin, China.  This is a combined meeting with the University of California, Irvine College of Medicine and the Tianjin Medical University.  Dr. Phillips will be the Honorary Chairman for this and Dr. Wu Xiang Chu of the Nankai University will also be Honorary Chairman.  The President of the Tianjin Medical University, Dr. Hao Xishan will be the Chairman and the Chairman for UCI will be Dean of the Medical College, Thomas Cesario.  I would like to have Dr. Liu now translate that for our Chinese listeners.”

Dr. Sam Liu, Ph.D.:  “My name is Sam Liu, and I come from Cleveland, Ohio.  I’d like to speak in Chinese right now and translate what Mary Zo has said. (Chinese translation).”

Mary Zo Phillips:  “This Conference will be held June 13-15 in 2001, and this is a pre-conference to the 50th anniversary of the Tianjin Medical University which was founded on June 16, 1951.  We do have some information for interested librarians as to the subject material, and Dr. Liu will translate some of the topics.  They will be:  what is a modern library, a digital library, digital medical libraries in the United States present and future, the strategy and operation, the management of a digital medical library and its new technology.  There are other applications and how do they get their resources and explore towards these technologies, what are the data standards and regulations, how do we train a medical librarian with this new technology, the Internet and medical libraries, and medical university and the level that they work for their patrons. They have the University level, there’s a hospital level, and then there’s a research level.  So we would like to have experts attend this meeting, and if they need more information they can contact either or Medical Books for China International.”

Dr. Sam Liu, Ph.D.:  (Chinese translation)

Mary Zo Phillips:  “One other thing I would like to mention is that the working language for this Conference will be English so our international colleagues will all be speaking English.  Their posters will be in English, and when their abstracts come in, they must be in English and then they will be translated into Chinese for the Chinese attendees.  I have one other thing to show you and it’s a definition, my definition, of a book.  A book is a document for education, it is written for others to acquire knowledge, once absorbed and digested, the inspiration for the reader is dream ideas, think solutions.”

Dr. Sam Liu, Ph.D.:  (Chinese translation)

Mary Zo Phillips:  “Thank you so much, Dr. Liu.”



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