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Article Conference CoverageFrom Radiological Society of North America (RSNA)Chicago, Illinois, November 2000

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Roberta Speyer:  “This is Roberta Speyer reporting for from the RSNA – the Radiological Society of North America in Chicago of 2000.  I’m here at the Hitachi booth speaking to Diane George who’s the Clinical Director for Hitachi and she’s showing us the new EUB 6000.  Diane, tell us why are obstetricians and gynecologists interested in this piece of equipment, what’s the features and benefits?”

Diane George:  “We have many benefits, first of all our system is a Windows NT-based system, and we’re the only NT-based system out there.  We have the ability to upgrade to 3-D and the ability to have user defined calculation packages, we have growth charts, and we have age charts that are also available.  We also have the ability to input any kind of charts that a specific office would like to use so we have a lot.”

Roberta Speyer:  “That sounds like a lot of functionality for them and a lot of customization.  Is that really one of the hallmarks of this piece of equipment that they can really define the parameters to work best for their practice?”

Diane George:  “Yes, we like to give everyone who uses our system many options, and we like to consider our system not only user friendly but user defined.  Those are the words that we like to use.”

Roberta Speyer:  “What about upgrading and adding on?  If a doctor says - all right, this is a good piece of equipment for me to start out with and then their needs grow over time, how do you handle that for them?”

Diane George:  “We do like to make available all the latest things such as you can buy the system with or without 3-D so those are things that you can add on.”

Roberta Speyer:  “So you could add that on later if you decide that was something you needed?”

Diane George:  “Yes, you could add it on later.”

Roberta Speyer:  “Wonderful, how long has this particular piece of equipment been out?”

Diane George:  “We just introduced this to the United States in June of this year.”

Roberta Speyer:  “So this is your leading edge piece of technology right now.  If you had to send a take away message to the doctors that were looking and shopping for new ultrasound equipment, what would you want to say to them?  You’d want them to contact you at Hitachi and what would be the reason?  What would you say was the most compelling reason that you can provide for them to consider Hitachi products when they’re making their next ultrasound purchase?”

Diane George:  “Hitachi is known for their superior image quality because of our exceptional pro technology that we have.  We always like to say that if you buy a Hitachi, we’re very reliable and we have a very good reputation for the systems not breaking down, and they’re work horses.”

Roberta Speyer:  “So especially for the obstetrical office with its high volume and high through put, this is a piece of equipment they should definitely investigate before they make their next ultrasound purchase.  Thank you, Diane.”


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