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In case you missed it: April 4 to April 8

A look back at this week's news.

SMFM Consult Series #57: Evaluation and management of soft ultrasound markers for aneuploidy

In this consult series, experts from SMFM discuss the evaluation and management of soft ultrasound markers for aneuploidy.

Visby Medical’s STI diagnostic test now available at Urgent Care for Children

The handheld STI testing device makes its way into pediatric urgent care clinics across Alabama, Tennessee, and Louisiana.

Letter to health care providers: change in reprocessing methods with Karl Storz endoscopes

The FDA issued an updated letter to health care providers regarding reprocessed urological endoscopes manufactured by Karl Storz.

New frontiers in sexual medicine

Top takeaways from ISSWSH 2022

UAE vs MRI-guided HIFU for fibroid reduction rates

Among minimally invasive treatments for uterine fibroids, uterine artery embolization (UAE) produces greater fibroid shrinkage and more complications than MRI-guided HIFU (MRIgHIFU), according to a study in BMC Women’s Health.