In case you missed it: May 23 to May 27

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Belgian study finds seasonal variance in Candida infections

The research published in the Journal of Clinical Medicine found women were more likely to have infections in the summer.

Body composition, obesity increase odds of developing PCOS

Data presented at the European Congress of Endocrinology detail genetic and observational associations between obesity, and markers of body composition on the likelihood of developing PCOS later in life.

Materna Medical discusses new vaginal dilator

Tracy MacNeal, president and CEO of Materna Medical, sits down to discuss the company's recently FDA-cleared Milli Vaginal Dilator for vaginismus and associated dyspareunia, as well as a potential new use for the device currently being studied.

Recent studies investigate Phexxi for various potential indications

Bassem Maximos, MD, MPH, FACOG, discusses 2 recent studies investigating nonhormomal contraceptive gel Phexxi (Evofem Biosciences) for the potential treatment of UTIs and improvement in sexual satisfaction.

What impacts a woman’s contraceptive decisions while breastfeeding?

Interviews with mothers in the immediate postpartum period revealed that most decisions on breastfeeding and contraception were based on the personal experiences of participants and their friends and family.

Study finds association between longer duration of exclusive breastfeeding and childhood asthma protections

A new study examines the relationship between an extended duration of mother-child breastfeeding and protective associations to asthma.

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