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In case you missed it: Nov. 16 to Nov. 20

It was a very busy week for the Contemporary OB/GYN team.

This week’s top articles included:

Gynecologic benignities causing obstructive uropathy

Because obstructive uropathy due to gynecologic benignities is an extremely rare, difficult, and challenging life-threatening condition, physicians should always consider the existence of uropathy.

Availability of mental health services needs to improve in rural areas

Studies have shown that rural youth lack access to mental health services, but research is scarce on the availability of suicide prevention services in rural areas.

Maternal COVID-19 infection and placental abnormality

Findings from a retrospective study by researchers from NYU suggest that women with COVID-19 in pregnancy have an increased risk of placental abnormalities, regardless of whether their infection is symptomatic.

S2E7: Surgeons Panel: The state of gynecologic surgery

In this episode of Pap Talk, Contemporary OB/GYN Deputy Editor Jon I. Einarsson, MD, MPH, PhD, moderates a discussion with Robert K. Zurawin, MD, and Gaby Moawad, MD, on the new and existing surgical technologies and techniques available in ob/gyn.