Introduction to the latest office hysteroscope

Article Conference Coverage - AAGL 2004

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Good morning, I am Professor Stephano Bellochi from Bari, Italy. I am happy to introduce you to the latest generation of office hysteroscopes. I hold in my hands the latest model, as you can see a very thin instrument that does not require special equipment, just a good camera and a light source. This instrument is made to be successful not only in performing diagnostic procedures, but also operative procedures. 

As you can see, we have an instrument channel of five French, about 1.6 mm. And from this channel you can introduce instruments such as scissors or grasping forceps. You can perform a lot of surgical procedures, sometimes also quite complicated ones. 

So the advantage of this instrument is, with one instrument with a diameter of not higher than 5 mm and we have also a 4 mm version, you can operate. You can perform your diagnosis first, and also do some surgery. 

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