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The most important part of the ISGE is you, the members. Without the participation of the members there would be no organization and no one place in the World for the exchange of ideas and techniques of gynecologic endoscopy.

The most important part of the ISGE is you, the members. Without the participation of the members there would be no organization and no one place in the World for the exchange of ideas and techniques of gynecologic endoscopy. In order to keep this Society thriving it is important that we gain new members. If you are not a member, please fill out the form on the next page and submit it as soon as possible. If you are a member and know of someone who would be interested in membership, please give them the form. The membership form is also available on the ISGE website at .

The Executive and Board of the ISGE have decided that in future years we will try to rotate the Congress and Regional Meetings through the three zones of the world. Zone A-the Americas, Zone B-Europe and Africa, Zone c-India, Asia and Oceania. It will take two years for this principle to be implemented due to the meetings that have already been planned.

We have prepared documents to help those who wish to run a meeting or Congress and this process needs to start at least 4 years before the planned date. Anyone wishing to bid for a Congress or a meeting must follow the following process:

1. The Bid Letter: The questions asked need to be answered in the form of a letter to the Board. It should also be accompanied by a letter from the President or Chairman of the Local Host Society, which is usually the Endoscopy Society of that Country. If there is no such Society then the OB/GYN society or local university is sufficient.

2. Venue Check: The Congress coordinator will then carry out a venue check list with the help of the local organizer of the Congress.

These bids and venue checks will then be presented to the ISGE Board who will make the decision on venue based on available evidence. This decision will be made in year minus 4 from the date of the conference.

3. Congress and Regional Meetings: We have prepared a detailed Congress and Regional Meeting Planning diary which will help those involved in organizing our conferences as it details exactly what has to be done month by month leading up to the meeting. The central office and Conference Coordinator will help the local committee throughout the period leading up to the Congress or Meeting. It is also important to note that the Local Society has to take financial responsibility for the conference.

4. Future Meetings: The dates and venues of the Congress and Regional Meetings will be published in each edition of the newsletter.

Applications for the organization of an ISGE Annual Congress or Annual Regional Meeting should follow the next format and be set out in a maximum of two A4 format papers for circulation to the Board Members.

Election will take place 4 years in advance at the Board Meeting at the Annual Congress.

1.  Application for Annual Congress (March/April) or Annual Regional Meeting (autumn).
          a. Only Regional Meeting: include suggested topic.
2.  Year(s), period of the year, City, Country
3.  Distance to and connections with main Airport(s)
4.  Description of suggested Venue.
5.  Detailed description of Venue Halls and Capacities.
6.  Other facilities required:
          a. Registration
          b. Medical facilities
          c. Press, TV and radio
          d. Ancillary rooms (Board, Committee meetings)
          e. Rest areas
          f. Restaurant facilities, tea/coffee areas
7.   Meeting points for tours.
8.   Industrial exhibitions – space and spatial relation to Congress Halls.
9.   Hotel facilities.
10. Transport.
11. Social programme facilities.
12. Congress organization
         a. Host organization e.g. National Society, University, etc.
         b. Financial support and stability
         c. Experience of Congress Organization (PCO)
         d. Names of Chairmen of Local Organizing Committee and suggested Chairman of Scientific Committee

The form should be forwarded to:
ISGE Secretariat Office, Spaarne Hospital
P.O. Box 1644, BR Haarlem, 
The Netherlands
Tel: 31-23-528.2686
Fax: 31-23-547.0881

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