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IVF Will Continue in ND as Voters Reject Measure 1

Voters in North Dakota sent a clear message that health care decisions, from pregnancy to end-of-life care, must involve only patients and their physicians.

Cliffhangers can be really annoying if you care about the ending. So to resolve Monday's cliffhanger . . . IVF will continue in North Dakota.

Don't infringe on women's health. This was the message that voters in North Dakota sent yesterday through their rejection of Measure 1, a "right to life" amendment that, if passed, would have also ended IVF and other infertility services in the state. Because of vague language, adoption of the measure could also have affected end-of-life and palliative care.

The final tally: 64% of voters rejected the measure, with 36% supporting it.

“Today, North Dakota voters decided that they do not want government intervening in their most personal medical decisions from pregnancy to end-of-life,” said Karla Rose Hanson, spokeswoman for the North Dakotans Against Measure 1 coalition, in a quote to Inforum.