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Legal: Bleeding after myomectomy

After myomectomy, woman has internal bleeding

A 37-year old New York woman underwent a myomectomy in 2004, which was performed by two gynecologists. The patient had little production of urine following the procedure and a low hematocrit. Six hours later, internal bleeding was suspected and about 3 hours later she underwent embolization of her uterine arteries, which resolved the bleeding. She had some loss of kidney function and initially required dialysis three times a week, but she eventually regained some function of her kidneys.

She sued the doctors and hospital claiming the damage to her kidneys was due to the untimely recognition and treatment of her internal bleeding, resulting in hypovolemia and subsequent kidney damage. She claimed that a kidney transplant was a possibility and that her life expectancy was reduced by the kidney damage.

The case was ultimately sought against only the hospital and they claimed the bleeding was timely diagnosed and treated with the administration of fluid and blood products and subsequent embolization. A $2 million settlement was reached.