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Legal: Plastic tip left in patient during D&C

During a D&C, a plastic tip froma surgical instrument was left inside the patient.

A 28-year-old Nevada woman was suffering from irregular bleeding after a difficult pregnancy. She went to her gynecologist who performed a D&C. The woman continued to bleed and 5 days later another gynecologist performed a second D&C. Neither of these alleviated the patient's problems. The second physician performed a laparoscopic procedure and found a plastic tip from a surgical instrument inside the patient. She continued to complain of pain and finally had a hysterectomy.

The patient sued the medical center where the physicians were employed and claimed that her uterus was damaged during the D&C in which the plastic tip was left in and that caused her to have the hysterectomy. She blamed both gynecologists, as she was uncertain which one left in the plastic tip. She claimed her husband left her after the hysterectomy and she underwent treatment for emotional symptoms.

Each of the physicians denied any negligence in her care and a defense verdict was returned.