The Naked Ob-Gyn

From ACOG - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - May, 1999

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Dr. McGregor: "My name is Jamie McGregor, and I work at the University of Colorado. This is my friend and colleague, Dr. Ken Spielvogel, he's one of the residents in Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of Colorado. He's going to start a new column that's called, "The Naked Ob-Gyn." Ken, can you tell us about that column?"

Dr. Spielvogel: "The column would be very nice for residents in the sense that it would give them inside information into life before residency in terms of interviewing and tips along the interview trail; life during residency, being able to have conversations over the Internet with other residents in terms of their training experiences, as well as preparing for life after residency in job interviewing and job placement across the country."

Dr. McGregor: "You're not going to talk about good restaurants in Philadelphia or New York or …?"

Dr. Spielvogel: "That goes hand in hand with inside information. People going to conferences could electronically ask people in Philadelphia about the best place to go dancing or the best band to hear while in Philadelphia."

Dr. McGregor: "What if they've got a problem with their program?"

Dr. Spielvogel: "Absolutely, that would be excellent to be able to have resources of particularly people who are in administrative - sectional representatives - to be able to have a question-answer period with them in terms of policy, procedure, and modifications."

Dr. McGregor: "And then sort of talk together."

Dr. Spielvogel: "Sure."

Dr. McGregor: "We're really looking forward to your column, "The Naked Ob-Gyn."

Dr. Spielvogel: "Thank you, Jamie. Nice talking to you."

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