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Article Conference CoverageFrom the National Congress of Gynecologic Endoscopy, Cancun, Mexico, June-2000

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Dr. Paul Indman:  “This is Dr. Paul Indman, I’m with Dr. Jose Garza, also known to his friends as Pepe, and we’re at the National Congress of Gynecologic Endoscopy in Cancun.  Pepe, this is a wonderful meeting in Cancun and I understand that the Society is having another meeting next year in Puerto Vallarta.  I wonder if you could tell us about the meeting and I gather you’re going to be Chairing the meeting there so I think it is great to hear from you what is being planned.”

Dr. Jose Garza:  “Thank you very much.  The next meeting will be held in Puerto Vallarta, July 11-14.  We are going to invite professionals from all over the world, from the USA, Europe, Australia, and Italy and try to have a lot of people come to this meeting in Puerto Vallarta.”

Dr. Paul Indman:  “Now one thing I really think is important to mention is this is an international meeting and it’s a world class meeting of the quality that you’d find in any major center.  Perhaps, you could mention some of the topics that you may be covering at that meeting, Pepe.”

Dr. Jose Garza:  “We’re thinking on having the biggest professionals in the world and the biggest professionals in Mexico and Latin America.  We’ll cover topics in specifics for people coming like fellows, residents, or nurses and the highest technology like robotics or more news on endometrial ablation, hysteroscopy techniques, or laparoscopy techniques.  So I think we can have a very good meeting for everybody coming - for the beginner or for the people who are very experienced in endoscopy.”

Dr. Paul Indman:  “Now I know you have some faculty already lined up, could you tell us who the faculty would be?”

Dr. Jose Garza:  “We just started with some professionals like Terry Vancaille from Sidney who said he’s coming next year, yourself, I hope, Paul Indman from Los Angeles, California.  There’s Jay Cooper from Phoenix, Arizona, a lot of professionals from Mexico, Raphael Valle from Chicago, Victor Gomel from Vancouver, Fortin from Canada, and Charles Koh- we haven’t talked to him yet but we hope he can come and show us microsurgery by endoscopy.  We are trying to get the training in hysteroscopy and maybe live surgeries.”

Dr. Paul Indman:  “This looks like a fantastic meeting.  I’m certainly looking forward to being there again in the year 2001.  What are the dates again?”

Dr. Jose Garza:  “It’s July 11th-July 14th in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.”

Dr. Paul Indman:  “Thank you.  This is Dr. Paul Indman with Dr. Pepe Garza in Cancun.”

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