Ob/Gyn Compensation Survey 2012


In our annual physician compensation survey, find out how your net income, salary, bonus, overhead, and work hours compare to other ob/gyns.

It’s been a mixed bag for ob/gyns in 2012: Personal income has increased year-over-year for nearly one-third, and more physicians classify the net income from their practice as ‘Excellent.’ At the same time, ob/gyns expect proposed Medicare reimbursement changes to affect their practices more negatively than other specialists do, and a greater proportion feel their practices are on unstable ground. Read on to discover the complete picture and see how you compare.

Ob/Gyns are Supplementing their Income
Compared with 2011, more ob/gyns report receiving compensation outside their regular income. Last year, 58.4% received no income apart from their standard salary, a number that dropped by 11%, to 47.6%, in 2012. Of physicians in all specialties, 56.9% reported receiving no compensation outside their salary.

Proposed Medicare Cuts Impact Practice
Ob/gyns are feeling the pain of proposed Medicare reimbursement cuts more than physicians in other specialties. Across the board, 81.4% of doctors say they’re unaffected by potential changes to the SGR formula and other Medicare issues, but only 72.4% of ob/gyns say it’s not impacted their practice.

Overburdened by Overhead?
Overhead consumes more than 50% of revenue for nearly 40% of ob/gyns, on par with physicians in other specialties.

Feeling Better About Net Income
While 57% of ob/gyns still rate the net income from their practice as ‘Disappointing,’ the number of MDs who think that it’s ‘Excellent’ has more than doubled since 2011.

'Shaky' Practices on the Rise
Nearly half of ob/gyns report working harder to stay afloat in 2012, a sizeable increase from last year’s 28.6%.

Better in Balance
Although the number of ob/gyns who feel that they’re too busy has stayed roughly the same over the last two years, more doctors have moved from “Not busy enough,” to “About as busy as I want to be.”

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