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OBGYN.net Conference CoverageFrom AIUM 44th Conference held in San Francisco, California - April, 2000

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Terry DuBose, M.S.: "I don’t know if Martin’s figured it out yet or not but we really appreciate the work you’ve done. I think you’ve done some brilliant graphics and we’re going to give you an award."

Dr. Ed Zabrek: "Oh, how nice."

Martin Necas, RDMS, RVT: "That is delightful, thank you."

Terry DuBose, M.S.: "For one of the best graphics for a forum."

Barbara Nesbitt: "It’s two fetuses talking to each other. Do you see it, the two little fetuses?"

Terry DuBose, M.S.: "It’s two fetuses."

Dr. Ed Zabrek: "So this is Terry and this is me and we just can’t see you because you’re in the background doing something."

Barbara Nesbitt: "He wasn’t’ born yet."

Martin Necas, RDMS, RVT: "That is great."

Terry DuBose, M.S.: "It is very, very descriptive."

Dr. Ed Zabrek: "Congratulations, well deserved."

Martin Necas, RDMS, RVT: "Thank you very much."

Terry DuBose, M.S.: "A descriptive graphic."

Barbara Nesbitt: "Okay, give it back because we have to give it to somebody else."

Martin Necas, RDMS, RVT: "Thank you guys."

Terry DuBose, M.S.: "Thank you."

Dr. Ed Zabrek: "No, show the award so that Bruce can get it close up."

Martin Necas, RDMS, RVT: "It’s been fantastic working with all of you guys because you’re big names in ultrasound, you have taught me a lot, and I really appreciate all the help I get."

Dr. Ed Zabrek: "We’re going to stay at your house in New Zealand."

Martin Necas, RDMS, RVT: "That’s a plan."

Barbara Nesbitt: "All of us."

Dr. Ed Zabrek: "The whole group."

Martin Necas, RDMS, RVT: "Thank you so much."

Terry DuBose, M.S.: "Thank you."

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