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PHOTO: A physician's view through Google Glass in the operating room

Brian Levine, MD, MS, shows and explains a photo he took while wearing Google Glass in a vacant operating room.

In this picture taken with my Google Glass, you can see that I have accessed a pounds-to-kilogram conversion chart on my Glass while keeping my view and concentration on the patient.

What I saw when I took this picture was the chart in the upper-right side of my peripheral view and yet the rest of my view was unobstructed.  If I were, for example, a pediatric anesthesiologist and I had to administer weight-based medications, a view such as this would not only be a big time-saver, but could also make for safer anesthesia practices.

And in case you are wondering, what you see here is exactly what I saw when I was wearing Google Glass, and I was able to read the chart clearly.  One of my favorite things about this picture that I hope you can appreciate is how clear the camera is and how the super-imposed Glass screen really does not obstruct your view.

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