Scientific Training Courses of Gynecological Endoscopy

Article Conference CoverageFrom ISGE - Montreal, Canada - April, 1999

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Dr. Daniell: "We're here in Montreal for the ISGE and we're lucky to catch up with the chairman for the meeting last year in South Africa, my old friend, Johann van der Brock. Dr. Van der Brock's father was the first person to do laparoscopy in South Africa. Johann Jr. was the first person to organize any scientific training courses for gynecologic endoscopies in South Africa. So Johann, give us a word from South Africa and your thoughts about this meeting, and give us a little summary on the last year's meeting, which I thought was excellent."

Dr. Van der Brock: "Jim, it's great to see you in Montreal. You're always a pillar of strength, I think, besides my father - I can truly say that you spark the interest. I've done some training courses with you in Nashville, from there the friendship grew into the ISGE, and we were fortunate to be given the opportunity from the ISGE to host the meeting in Sun City, which was a great meeting. We had lots of fun but from an academic point of view, it was also a meeting where we introduced robotics into ob-gyn. We also introduced new concepts in endometrial ablation, and we were very fortunate to have all you guys in South Africa to put on the meeting, show us your academic strength, and support us in the venture. Thanks Jim."

Dr. Daniell: "Just to tell you, the work that Johann has done has been fantastic. He's been very active in training physicians in the other countries that surround South Africa that are not as lucky as we are here in Montreal. They had very reduced fees for the meeting in South Africa, and they reached out to all the surrounding countries, and they tried to help raise the level of gynecologic endoscopic care in the African continent. I think that's a wonderful thing you're doing. Johann's always there, he's been a leader and a kind, gentle man, but also an excellent host, and a good advertisement for South Africa. If you haven't been to South Africa - you should go. It's a fantastic country and the people like you make it a lot of fun to go down there too, Johann. Thanks for visiting with us today on"

Dr. Van der Brock: "Thank you Jim, and I must also say that you also go all over the world, and you introduce us to concepts right up to, I think, Mount Everest. So wherever we go - Jim has been there and Jim is a leader. Thank you for your guidance."

Dr. Daniell: "I'll tell you, the nice thing now is we can all stay home and keep up to date on - what better way to do this?"



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