Social determinants of health and cultural awareness in reproductive healthcare


The maternal mortality rate for Black mothers is 3 times higher than that of white mothers in the United States.

In a recent discussion about overcoming racism and unconscious bias, Drs. Vanessa Rogers and Shawna Nesbitt of UT Southwestern talked with Contemporary OB/GYN on the many factors at play and what ob/gyns can do to ensure quality care.

There are many socioeconomic factors affecting patients and their relationship to healthcare: homelessness, joblessness, residing in food deserts, and even police brutality.

In this video, Drs. Rogers and Nesbitt discuss these factors, their impacts, and what you can do to better the lives of your patients.

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Read this month’s peer-reviewed feature article by Drs. Rogers and Nesbitt: 'Overcoming racism and unconscious bias in ob/gyn.'

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