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OBGYN.net Conference CoverageFrom AIUM 44th Conference held in San Francisco, California - April, 2000

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Martin Necas, RDMS, RVT: "Hi I’m Martin Necas, I’m here at the 44th Annual Convention of the AIUM in San Francisco, and sitting here with me is George Junginger who is representing a company called Ultrasoundjobs.com. This is an organization that’s affiliated with the ARDMS, and what they provide is job listings for sonographers internationally. I was hoping that George would be able to tell us a little bit about how the site is designed, what information it provides, and what is really driving this site to become the leader in postings of ultrasound jobs?"

George Junginger: "Probably, Martin, the overriding concern for ARDMS and ultrasoundjobs.com was to find a site devoted to sonographers and vascular technologists. We recognize that it is a distinct market from any other imaging professional and that sonographers needed a place to go to find a job around the block or around the world, and our desire was to create essentially a centralized job clearinghouse for sonographers. We launched a little over a year ago, and in that one year we’ve had over 7,200 sonographers sign up to use the service. There’s no fee to the sonographer or vascular technologist. Today, as a matter of fact, we have over 150 jobs listed on the site."

Martin Necas, RDMS, RVT: "Now these jobs can be within the United States or internationally which makes it a great catchment area, this allows you basically to look up a job anywhere you would like to work, is that correct?"

George Junginger: "That’s correct, and not only can you look up a job but we recognize that many people have busy lives so we’ve created within the site the ability for the individual to create a search agent. This way they can define their job criteria and instead of going out to the site on a daily basis, when a job is posted that meets that criteria, it’s automatically e-mailed to the applicant. So it makes it easy for them, it recognizes that everyone has a work life, a home life, and a million other things vying for their attention but we all open our e-mail."

Martin Necas, RDMS, RVT: "Now George, there are a number of other sites that provide job listings for other imaging technologists, why is it that you have chosen a specific focus of ultrasound rather than making it a more generic site where everybody would be involved?"

George Junginger: "The reason we chose Ultrasoundjobs.com instead of imaging is that we recognize sonographers and vascular technologists are unique in the imaging profession and they deserve and they need positions dedicated to what they do. Their autonomy, the type of work they do, is separate from every other imaging profession and we wanted an area where we could say - if you’re a sonographer or vascular technologist here’s where you go."

Martin Necas, RDMS, RVT: "Now let’s talk a little about the employers. Is there a possibility, for example, for the employers to put links to their hospital site or to other community sites so that sonographers would have an opportunity to explore the area a little bit online before they express interest in a job?"

George Junginger: "Absolutely, and I think one of the powers of the Internet is that in the old days people could list a job but they were restricted by a word count or two inches in a publication and they were very limited in describing their job. The Internet gives them an unlimited amount of space so that they can sell someone on their facility and that particular job. They can also build in hyper links to the community resources, newspapers, or Chamber of Commerce so that the person looking for a job can actually read about the job and then read about the community if they wanted to relocate. I think that many employers have to realize that sonographers and vascular technologists aren’t sitting around waiting to hear about their position. They are going to have to steal a sonographer or vascular technologist from another employer. To do that, they have to give the sonographer a compelling story."

Martin Necas, RDMS, RVT: "That’s fantastic, you know George, I’ve visited your site and it appears to be very easy to navigate through and the service is free to all sonographers."

George Junginger: "That’s right."

Martin Necas, RDMS, RVT: "So all we really need to do for those who might not be familiar with the Internet is to open up a browser and type in www.ultrasoundjobs.com."

George Junginger: "That’s exactly right and we make it easy. There’s always a link if they have any questions, they can send us an e-mail, we’ll walk them through it."

Martin Necas, RDMS, RVT: "That’s fantastic, thank you so very much for talking to us here. We’ll be looking forward to seeing you on net."

George Junginger: "Your very welcome."

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