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ACOG District VII Meeting - St. Louis, Missouri, USA 2000


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Ted Anderson: “This is Ted Anderson, the Junior Fellow District Chairmen of District VII, and I’m here with Dr. Skip Granai today who’s been a pioneer in complementing women’s care issues in oncology. He has really developed some innovative programs. Why don’t you tell us a little bit about what you’re going to be talking with us about today.”

Dr. Skip Granai: “First of all, I’m honored to be here visiting with everyone from District VII. I look forward to discussing what we’ve come to call ‘what matters matter.’ Those matters that when you really think about it are the important things, not that I really know what those matters are per say or certainly I’m not aware of the answers but as a cancer program we’ve tried to think what they might be and how they would help us provide better total cancer care. What we’ve done is we’ve divided matters, if you will, into two large categories. Key values, which you might call evidence based medicine or the science of medicine and human values, and we’ve tried to provide both. Clearly, people come to conventional physicians for the evidence based medicine or the science of medicine but we must continue to do the very best that science of medicine has given. At the same time, how could it be that even where there isn’t evidence-based proof of certain things that there are some matters that we can integrate, for example, a smile, a touch, or a poem? Down in the context of someone receiving chemotherapy, it can enhance the moment relative to what would otherwise be. I don’t think even the biggest skeptics amongst us would argue that that wouldn’t be a good thing to do, just sort of try to enhance the moment as long as we aren’t misleading people about what we don’t know. So it’s been an interesting experience for me personally as a physician to be involved with those kinds of questions, and I look forward to discussing it with your group today.”

Ted Anderson: “Thank you very much for being here. We really are anticipating an excellent presentation, and we’re happy to have you here today.”

Dr. Skip Granai: “Thanks, Ted.”

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