Author | Charisse Loder, MD, MSc


Familiarizing yourself with fertility awareness as a birth control option

June 08, 2020


Behavioral methods of contraception are used by less than 3.2% of sexually active women; careful counseling could change that.

Tips for counseling hypertensive patients on contraception

February 11, 2020


This installment of our Complex Contraceptives series examines contraception considerations for patients with high-blood pressure.

Migraine headache and hormonal contraception

October 21, 2019


Many factors must be considered before prescribing hormones to women affected by migraine.

6 steps for IUD placement at the time of a cesarean delivery

October 17, 2019


Immediate postplacental insertion of an IUD is not only convenient for the patient, but also safe and effective for postpartum contraception. Here's what to be mindful of when performing the procedure following cesarean delivery.