Mathew Leonardi, MD


Superficial endometriosis

March 01, 2020

In this clip, fluid within the rectouterine pouch introduced following saline-infusion sonoPODography allows for appreciation of adhesions and a peritoneal pocket (enclosed fluid due to a defect in the peritoneum). These are two classic features of superficial endometriosis.

Retroverted uterus, negative sliding sign

March 01, 2020

Although not clearly depicted in this clip, deep endometriosis likely is present posterior to the uterus at the level of the internal cervical os, as demonstrated by the irregular, hypoechoic area.

Retroverted uterus, positive sliding sign

March 01, 2020

The uterine fundus is being pushed cephalad by the transvaginal ultrasound probe, eliciting smooth sliding of the uterine fundus over the bowel. Some fluid is noted within the rectouterine pouch, which often suggests a non-obliterated pouch.