Miranda Hester

Ms. Hester is Content Specialist with Contemporary OB/GYN and Contemporary Pediatrics.


Eviction during pregnancy may lead to adverse birth outcomes

March 22, 2021

The investigators’ findings appear to indicate that eviction occurring during pregnancy was linked to adverse outcomes. Advocating for housing assistance for pregnant women could be an important way to improve infants’ health.

CDC issues first recommendations for people fully vaccinated for COVID-19

March 09, 2021

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued interim guidance for masking, social distancing, hand hygiene, and other infection control measures for people who are fully vaccinated for coronavirus 2019 disease (COVID-19).

Does early menstruation increase risk of GDM?

March 22, 2017

A new study looks at whether who begin menarche early in life are more likely to develop GDM. Plus: USPSTF issues their final recommendations on pelvic exams. Also, a look at the efficacy of vaginal progesterone in preventing preterm birth in twin pregnancy.

Is there a link between CVD and preterm birth?

March 01, 2017

A study looks at the impact of a preterm birth on the mother's future risk of cardiovascular disease. Plus: Do shift work and physical labor negatively impact a woman's fertility? Also, are women who get a false-positive mammogram more likely to delay their future screenings?