Author | Nanette F. Santoro, MD


Genitourinary syndrome of menopause: Underdiagnosed and undertreated

July 12, 2018


Despite the prevalence of GSM, the condition continues to be under-recognized and undertreated due to a combination of patient and provider factors. Providers need to take the initiative in screening and patient education.

Resolving the menopausal HT and CHD dilemma: Playing for KEEPS

August 01, 2009


Could menopausal hormone therapy protect some women's hearts, after all, as once thought? The new KEEPS trial aims to clarify that lingering question.

Oh, by the way ...what about my constipation?

January 01, 2007


Quite often, the expectation of what is 'normal' leads patients to question their own gastrointestinal physiology.