Author | Sarah Bruyn Jones


Which Oral Drug Is Best for Post-Cesarean Pain?

April 15, 2015


A meta-analysis sought to determine which oral painkillers were most effective after a c-section, but the findings were disappointing.

Cell-Free DNA Screening for Trisomy 21

April 13, 2015


Cell-free fetal DNA screening tests for trisomy 21 are more accurate than standard screening with nuchal translucency even in low-risk women.

Depression Risk and Fertility Treatment

April 09, 2015


Unsuccessful fertility treatment takes a toll on both partners, and knowing their mental health history can help predict depression risk.

New Sling Causes Less Pain after UI Surgery

April 06, 2015


A new adjustable single-incision bladder sling placed via the transobturator route for women with stress urinary incontinence shows promise.