Gianna Melillo


Factors that may lead women with PCOS to develop type 2 diabetes

Results of a cross-sectional study detail characteristics among women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) who develop type 2 diabetes.

Chris Mazzolini


Regulation needed for health care AI

Good machine learning practices’ are needed to address the unique social, legal, and ethical concerns potentially raised by artificial intelligence (AI).

Ariel Cohen, MD, MSED


Long-acting reversible contraceptive use among adolescents

Many barriers lead to low rates of use of LARCs.

Gregory Weiss, MD


HDPs linked to worsened risk of chronic hypertension later in life

Dr. Gregory Weiss provides perspective on a recent study suggesting women with gestational hypertension were at an increased risk of chronic hypertension later in life.

Cedric H. Campbell, MD


Solutions for spinal headaches

Curbside Consults delivers expert perspectives from physicians outside the ob-gyn specialty to provide insight into various health issues affecting pregnant women. In this installment, we learn more about the diagnosis and management of headaches in postpartum patients.

Lori Handy, MD, MSCE


What has changed in the RSV prevention landscape?

An abnormal surge in RSV was observed in the spring and fall 2022 seasons, but new immunizations offer protections previously unavailable.

Heidi Moawad, MD


How to Improve Physician Wellness

There are important issues that doctors can address head-on to gain professional and personal wellness.

Rachel Lutz


Diet of mother’s milk vs formula has no effect on preterm infant microbiome

For preterm infants, clinical outcomes from microbial mechanisms are not affected by a diet of only human milk compared to bovine milk formulas or fortifiers.

Christine Isaacs, MD


Updates on emergency contraception

Nearly half (45%) of all pregnancies in the United States from 2015 to 2019 were unintended.

Rachel Zimlich, RN, BSN


How COVID-19 impacted HPV vaccination rates in New York City and Long Island

A recent study looks at the impact COVID-19 had on human papillomavirus vaccination rates in New York City and Long Island.

Elizabeth Clain, MD


Perimenopausal abnormal uterine bleeding

The challenge of diagnosis occurs in distinguishing “normal” from “abnormal” in a time of rapid and dynamic change.

Contagion Editorial Team


England eliminates mother-to-child transmission of hepatitis B

In doing so, the country met the new target of the World Health Organization.

Erika E. Levi, MD, MPH


Fresh ideas, workarounds during pandemic can increase access to contraception

The pandemic has forced us to get more creative in managing patients’ needs, especially when it comes to contraception

Kristen Pepin, MD, MPH


Abdominal entry in laparoscopic surgery

Although major complications are rare, laparoscopic abdominal entry is the most dangerous part of any laparoscopic procedure.

Sheila Taton


Analytics for advanced care success

Data analytics allows providers to gain insights from performance management measures and metrics that hold the clues to financial viability under risk-based and pay-for-performance contracts. By embracing advanced analytics, hospitals and health systems can accelerate their path to value.

Gregory H. Nalesnik, DO, PGY-3


Newborn with fevers and tremors: What's the diagnosis?

His mother’s past medical history is significant for preeclampsia, previous opiate, and cocaine abuse, and current tobacco use, and she was incarcerated during the pregnancy. What's the diagnosis?

Kimberly Kho, MD, MPH


Diagnosis and Management of Primary Dysmenorrhea

Primary dysmenorrhea is a prevalent, underdiagnosed, but treatable condition.

Jill Sederstrom


Birth control authority grows to pharmacists

An increasing number of pharmacists are now prescribing birth control, further expanding their role as public health service providers.

Erin C. Deverdis-Crosby, MD


Accidental bowel leakage

These tips for the ob-gyn specialist can help patients manage.

Kenneth Bender, PharmaD, MA


COVID-19 vaccination during pregnancy reduces risk of infant infection

A booster dose of mRNA COVID-19 vaccination during pregnancy increases protection of infants from infection and related hospitalization.

Gregg Church


New records-sharing rule could have damaging side effect

Errors in patient records are surprisingly common, so easing access to them could harm outcomes.

Hunter J. Pyle, BBA


Vulvovaginal disease in the inpatient setting: Part 2

In part 2 of this review, more vulvovaginal diseases are examined.

Andres Ojeda, MD


“I want to do this for my baby”: The woes of pregnancy and addiction

Substance use disorder may prove to be a significant issue for some mothers. In this article, experts discuss a case of addiction in pregnancy, analyzing the patient's medical history and psychosocial state.

Brian A. Bernick, MD


Why I started a pharmaceutical company

Published as a promotional supplement to Contemporary OB/GYN.

Bo Ram Keum, PharmD candidate


Safety of cefazolin has been underestimated for GBS prophylaxis during labor

Both undertreatment and overtreatment were common in this cohort of penicillin-allergic pregnant women with Group B Streptococcus (GBS).

Bruce Bekkar, MD


Panel discussion: Impacts of climate change on women's health

Senior Editor Angie DeRosa sat down Drs. Bekkar, DeNicola, Pandipati and Abel to discuss findings from a recent study on the association with air pollution and heat exposure with adverse obstetrical outcomes, such as preterm birth and stillbirth.

Elizabeth Boskey, PHD, MPH,MSSW


Inclusion is not erasure

Antitransgender discourse reinforces attacks on reproductive rights.

Medical Economics® Staff


ACP joins chorus opposing possible Supreme Court abortion decision

Physician group leaders have “grave concern” ruling would hurt patients’ rights.

Christina Hicks, MS, APRN, WHNP-BC, FAUNA


Urodynamics and the role of lidocaine

Explore the potential benefits and considerations of utilizing intraurethral lidocaine jelly during urodynamic studies for bladder testing, as we delve into research findings on patient discomfort, voiding metrics, and diagnostic precision.

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