Frances E. Casey, MD, MPH


Contraception and its impact on acne

Understanding the effects is imperative for patient satisfaction.

Neil Baum, MD


Breaking bad habits at your practice

Breaking the chains of habit and tradition can have a positive impact on your practice and wellbeing.

Lana Pine


COVID-19 vaccination safe for pregnant women with autoimmune disorders

Adverse events were significantly more frequently reported by pregnant patients when compared with non-pregnant patients. However, no differences were observed when comparing pregnant patients with autoimmune disease and healthy controls.

John Kelly


The next chapter for interoperability is upon us

As health care leaders navigate our transition from life in a pandemic to a world where COVID-19 is an endemic disease, interoperability will likely be top of mind.

Jonathan Bumgarner, JD


A new focus on workplace violence at health care settings

Physicians and other health care workers are uniquely and disproportionately at risk of workplace violence.

Shirley H. Lee, CRNP-FNP, MPH


Tips for capturing specialty practice revenue

3 tips and tricks for practices looking to boost the bottom line.

Chris Ryan


Secondary cytoreductive surgery in recurrent ovarian cancer

Amer Karam, MD, discusses the role of secondary cytoreductive surgery in ovarian cancer and the need for careful patient selection, plus the results from 3 clinical trials and the key differences between these efforts.

Kyle Santerian


Fever and facial swelling in a neonate

An 18-day-old girl whose right cheek had become increasingly red and warm over 24 hours was directly admitted to an inpatient unit. She had firmness and pain to the affected area, fussiness, increased sleeping, and poor feeding, preferring the bottle to breastfeeding. What's the diagnosis?

Jason C. Hedges, MD, PhD


Impact of marijuana: Frequently asked questions

With growing public endorsement of the potential benefits of marijuana, it is important for health care providers to effectively counsel patients regarding its effects on fertility and future offspring.

Michelle F. Meglin, MD


Updates on emergency contraception

Nearly half (45%) of all pregnancies in the United States from 2015 to 2019 were unintended.

Keith A. Reynolds


Inflation eases slightly in July

Falling energy prices offset modest gains in other categories

Alessandro Ghidini, MD


SMFM Consult Series #60: Management of pregnancies resulting from IVF

This Consult discusses the management of pregnancies achieved with in vitro fertilization and provides recommendations based on the available evidence.

Madeleine Mendelow


Psychological reflections on miscarriage

When helping patients in the hardest moments of their lives, it is important to have empathy for them—and for ourselves.

Jhenette Lauder, MD


Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine Consult Series #50: The role of activity restriction in obstetric management

Little evidence supports the routine use of activity restriction for preterm birth and other obstetric conditions, and some data indicate adverse impact on obstetric outcomes.

Sarah Lassey, MD


Managing fetal sex discordance in cfDNA

This article presents a clinical algorithm and four cases to consider.

June Hoi Ka Ng, MD


Fresh ideas, workarounds during pandemic can increase access to contraception

The pandemic has forced us to get more creative in managing patients’ needs, especially when it comes to contraception

Yevgenia Y. Fomina, MD


How can we prevent pregnancy-related deaths?

Interventions before and after birth can reduce the rising maternal mortality ratio.

Michael Krychman, MD


Future Directions in Recurrent Vulvovaginal Candidiasis Care

Michael L. Krychman, MD, and Jack D. Sobel, MD, discuss the importance of awareness and education about RVVC, particularly given the impact of symptoms on patients’ psychosocial and sexual behavior.

Jessica Hergert


Immunotherapy approvals shine light on need for molecular testing in endometrial cancer

Sarah Lee, MD, MBA, discusses the use of checkpoint inhibitors in endometrial cancer, research regarding the association between MSI-H, dMMR, and TMB-H disease, and the importance of broad molecular testing to ensure all eligible patients are appropriately matched to immunotherapeutic options.

Katherine D. Crist, MD


Perspectives on global women’s mental health

This diverse group of women came together to explore the challenges in treating mental illness in patients who identify as female.

John Jesitus


Unplanned military pregnancies are declining

Most women and men did not even try to discuss or obtain contraception predeployment, a finding that the authors said warrants further investigation.

Rajesh Voddiraju


How digital tools can help providers collect payment

It is essential that providers obtain the payments they are owed as quickly as reasonably possible, ensure payments are accurate and completely captured, and minimize costs to collect payments

Eve Valera, PhD


Violence against women and acquired brain injuries

Violence against women and resulting traumatic brain injuries increased during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Harris Eyre, MD, PhD


Mind-body resilience for women: A focus on depression

Here’s why we should be paying special attention to women’s depression treatment.

Katie Hobbins


AAP recommends using non-stigmatizing terminology to discuss substance use

Rachel H. Alinsky, MD, MPH, FAAP, spoke with Contemporary Pediatrics® about her newly released AAP policy statement advocating for the use of medically accurate, person-first terminology when discussing substance use.

Jonah Feldman


Survival benefit for chemotherapy addition demonstrated for premenopausal patients with HR+/HER2– breast cancer

Investigators of the SWOG S1007 RxPONDER trial found a statistically significant improvement in invasive disease-free survival and distant relapse-free survival in premenopausal women who received adjuvant chemotherapy.

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